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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I Deserve The Sime Darby Scholarship

Why I Deserve The Sime Darby Scholarship
I really want to work at the SDMC Subang Jaya .Sime Darby is a company that everybody in the world knows. Related to me, SDMC Subang Jaya has earned accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in improving the quality of healthcare. When I graduate, I picture myself to be beside one of the 9 beds in there to give an ailing patient medicine and assistance. The place where I work has attained accreditation for its medical laboratory under the MS ISO 15189 standard for quality and competence and is the first centre to be accredited to MS ISO 15189 for cytogenetics. When I work there, I will carry the college’s good name and reputation. Also, I will promote to my relatives to be continue their studies in the Sime Darby nursing college, and work at Sime Darby Specialist Centre Megah, Sime Darby Medical Centre Ara Damansara or Sime Darby Medical Centre Desa Park City Sime Darby Nursing and Health Sciences College.
Now let’s talk about plantations, I know something about Sime Darby’s. Sime Darby sees rubber is a good prospect. There are no number facts, because I do not do an analysis. Sime Darby owns the people, resources, and technologies to process rubber because they see rubber has a good prospect and capable of bringing in money to the Group. Sime Darby is also committed to develop palm oil industry in Malaysia. Many of my father’s friends work in the plantations . Today, Sime Darby Plantation owns 8,370 hectares of rubber plantation concentrated within the rubber cluster in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and north Johor.
I still remember the estate where my father’s friends are working is still in good shape, it is well managed by the managers there and they operate within the organisational structure of strategic operation unit (SOU), zones and regions. Sime Darby will keep opening up new estates and that means my father’s friends will have opportunities to get work. One of my father’s friends works in the Tangkah Estate. Perhaps his relatives work in one of the latex factories in Sungai Senarut Estate, Tangkah, Phuket or Surat Province in Thailand.
My name is Intan Narisa bte Mat Hussin, I am a student in Sime Darby Nursing College, and I am now in semester 4. I want to tell about my college. The full name of my college is Sime Darby Nursing and Health Sciences College. Its address is at Centrepoint Business Centre, No. 5, Jalan Tanjung Keramat 26/35,Seksyen 26,40400 Shah Alam,Selangor Darul Ehsan.
What I have learnt is this college was established in 1995 and is registered as a Higher Education Provider with the Malaysian Ministry of Health, so I am confident with this college, to make me succeed. My colleges’ vision is to be the internationally recognized institution that offers world-class healthcare education and its mission is to nurture competent, confident and caring healthcare professionals. What I know is the vision is for long term, and the mission is for short term. I will be a professional healthcare staff.
This college is under the Sime Darby Group. Sime Darby has a lot of companies under it. For me the priorities for a group to have is first plantations, second is healthcare, third is property, motors, industrial equipment, energy & utilities. I believe plantations provide food for us, second is healthcare. It is because health makes the highest asset in a human’s life more valuable than RM 45 billion, which is the approximate value of Sime Darby’s capitalization. Let’s imagine the 100,000 workers in Sime Darby in over 20 countries, they will be the company’s assets if they are all healthy mentally and physically, but what happens if they are sick people who always be on leave, that will not be good for the business. So, I as a nurse can educate them on how to take care of their health.
            I have an ambition to be a staff in one of these two hospitals, in Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya, the only two-time winner of the Prime Minister Award for Quality and accredited to the ISO and OHSAS standards or Sime Darby Specialist Centre Megah. If my ambition changes, maybe I will teach here in this Sime Darby Nursing and Health Sciences College.
Now, I have good attendance record, I do all the assignments the best way. I am also active in class and I participate in the college’s activities. Here, I have the attention because of the small class size. I find the information from the Internet available in the computer laboratory and the library. I have lecturers both in theory and practical, and the the end of the lesson, I acquire new skills that are measurable and obvious. I see the place here is complete with first class equipment and first class mentality people.
I learn communication skills and the spirit if caring. I learn medicine is second to hospitality. I learn communication skills, the spirit of caring and I improve my humanistic values through community service projects. I have been to the Operating Theatre to have the real-life experience of working in those places. It is not about the places, it is what we can practise what we have learnt in the classroom. It looked like what I have seen on TV series before, the ER. Here, I learnt quality healthcare-related education. The class here is student-centered and intellectually stimulating. Also, what I see around here are competent and motivated staff, from the heads of departments to the general workers. What I aim is I want to excel in my field, I care and concern for others, I do innovations. I want to work as a team and respect each other. I also uphold ethical values. What I want to be is to provide peace of mind to my patients.
I heard from my seniors who get the Sime Darby scholarship, from the Sime Darby Foundation. They get the full scholarship, and that covers the Tuition fees, accommodation, uniform and monthly allowance. Those who are selected will be given the opportunity to do their practical in Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya. I apply this scholarship because I pursue with my ambition to be a graduate , a nurse from Sime Darby Nursing College, it gives me insight to work as a nurse. It teaches me to be a patient and diligent nurse caring and proud to be studying here in Sime Darby Nursing College. I come here to study because my ambition is to be a medical assistant that are able to recognise medicine and able to help the patients of Sime Darby Hospital. I vision myself to stand beside a bed and give medicine to an ailing patient.I see dispensary, pharmacist that gives medicine, a medical practitioner that is the second after a doctor.
So, I hope my application for the Sime Darby Scholarship can be considered and I will become a Sime Darby nurse when I graduate. Thank you.

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