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Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to teach comparative adjectives

Here's a creative way to teach stronger and faster , and to tame to naughtiest boy in the class.

write this on the board:

____ is stronger than _________

then you ask them to suggest names



What name do you want me to put, Rahman  here or Salleh first ?

(ss shout either one , it doesn't matter )

usually I'm going to take the naughtiest but the weakest, and the good student but the strongest, try to make the second boy win, hehe.

The most important is make everybody see this ..

Hold an arm wrestling competition for them.

They are going to cheer, it's going to disturb other classes, so what. The good boy must win- very important.

Then, you write the names in the sentences.

The ss get to learn
-the naughty boy is just empty can, very weak !

the naughty boy learns:
-I am defeated in front of everybody
-Everybody is not afraid of me anymore because I am not as strong !

You win !

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