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Saturday, February 26, 2011

BBI 2411 Comprehension Questions and Grammar Exercises

BBI 2411 Comprehension Question

  1.     Have you ever noticed that some days you look absolutely beautiful and on other days you do not? You have the same clothes on, the same makeup, the same face, and yet the results are different. The secret is that real, lasting beauty is not physical. Real beauty comes from attitude. If you have the right attitude, beauty is inevitable. If you do not, all the cosmetics in the world will not be able to help you. Advertisements sell more than the products – they sell confidence, poise, style. But those things do not automatically come with the product. They must come from inside you. So how do you achieve real beauty? The secret is simple. It is all in your attitude. Number one on the list is having joy and passion. Find something you love to do and do it. This will increase joy in your life and enhance your passion for living. Nowadays most of us are too tired to do what we love doing. However, you have got to give yourself this gift. Whether it is taking photographs or making your own clothes or doing woodwork, or becoming a first-class baker, you are giving yourself a gift. Yes, it takes energy, but it also creates energy in the passion you find for a new activity. It brightens you up. You will feel energized, interested, more alive and other people will be drawn to your energy.//  Kindness is another key to beauty. It is true that people remember striking physical beauty, but it is more true that people appreciate kindness more and will remember it longer. Stress is one of the ‘killers of kindness’. Sometimes we do not demonstrate kindness because we do not want to be drawn into someone else’s sorrow that will only increase our own stress. However, the irony is that when you reach out to people, it actually makes you feel good. Kindness can take many forms but the amazing thing is that the smallest gesture can leave the biggest impact on your life as well as the life of the person you were kind to.// Physical health is often expressed in glowing skin, bright eyes and a toned-up body. Mental health is an important part of physical health. Your mind and your body are linked. Mental health is an important part of physical health. Your mind and your body are linked. Mental health rests on our ability to be happy, to have harmonious relationships with others and on our capacity for creative self-expression. Your quality of life will suffer if you have to deal with anxiety, depression or relationship problems. You must make a commitment to your own peace of mind. A vital part of mental health is spiritual health. You must not ignore your need for quiet and for peaceful meditation.// Finally, you must have courage. You must take responsibility for your actions. The only thing that makes life meaningful is to live it with a purpose. It takes courage to keep working at creating a meaningful life despite its setbacks. Courage which comes from the French word ‘heart’, means being willing to take important risks. Courage and taking risks will lead to character building and character is what adds true beauty one’s physical self. Which statement is true or false ?
You can buy confidence, poise and style. Doing something you love will eventually make you more popular with other people. Being kind will make us more physically beautiful.//What does the writer mean when he says stress is one of the ‘killers of kindness’? Sometimes we fail to be kind because we are too stressed.Sometimes we fail to be kind because we do not want to be stressed. Sometimes we fail to be kind because we do not want to be more stressed.//Which of the following statements is false?Too many financial and personal problems could mentally affect you.Spiritual health can be obtained by having good relationships.Many physically healthy people look more attractive.One achieves true beauty by being: brave, creative, responsible.We can conclude that ‘attitude ‘ is the way you think and feel about things, the way you look at and appreciate beauty, the way you try to achieve beauty and success

Practice 1 Skim the advertisement below and indicate whether the statements below are True or False.ZAT’S BEST NASI LEMAK, Fast delivery straight to your doorsteps, 10 minutes waiting time within the Klang Valley, Nutritious and hygienically prepared. Orders for RM20 and above only. Call 7553535// The advertisement is for a local delicacy.If your order is RM15, home delivery is providedThe method of preparing the nasi lemak is described.The telephone number of Zat’s Best Nasi Lemak is provided. Practice 2 Scan the following advertisement and answer the questions that follow. Avex Company is looking for fresh graduates who are willing to work from 8am to 6pm daily except for Saturday and Sunday. We are a shipping company and we will be opening five new branches soon in East Malaysia. Only males need apply. Come for a walk-in interview on 28 August, 9am at Mutiara Room, Level 3, Bingsley Hotel, Kuala Lumpur// Questions//How many years of experience should the job applicant have?. What does Avec Company deal with?3. Can a lady apply for the post?4. Where will the interview be held?5. Why does Avec Company require more new staff?Practice 3Read each paragraph carefully and identify the main idea.Jake's family went on a camping trip. They went to a park by the ocean. They rode their bikes around the park. They cooked their food over a fire outside. They saw some deer. They came home Sunday afternoon. Porpoises live in the earth's oceans and sometimes in bays and rivers near oceans. Porpoises are mammals. Their babies are born alive and get their food from their mother's body. These animals live in the water, but they must come up for air. Porpoises are very interesting animals. Hummingbirds love pink or red flowers. They guard their favourite flowers and try to keep other birds away. They fight one another for food. Their wings make a whirring sound when the birds hover over flowers sipping nectar. The tiny birds fly long distances to go to a warmer climate for the winter. They make their tiny nests in shrubs or small trees.Practice 4Read each paragraph carefully and identify the supporting detail.Niagara Falls is a set of massive waterfalls located on the Niagara River. The falls are located between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York. The distance of the falls from Buffalo, New York is approximately 27km. It is also about 120km south-southeast of Toronto, Ontario. Thousands of tourists go to visit the falls every year. My uncle visited it last year. I would like to go there someday as well. A. Thousands of tourists go to visit the falls every year.B. My uncle visited it last year. C. The falls are located between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York.D. I would like to go there someday as well.//Alicia was very upset today. She lost her favourite toy that she got on her birthday. This was not an ordinary present; it was a present from her best friend. Her friend's name is Amy. She is of her age. They play together after school every day. Their favorite pastime is to dress up dolls. Alicia's dad told her that he would buy her a new toy. But that did not make her happy. A. Her friend's name is Amy.B. But that did not make her happy. C. This was not an ordinary present.D. She lost her favorite toy that she got as a birthday present.I had a wonderful holiday this year. I went to visit my aunt and my cousins in Melaka. My aunt is a Ballet instructor. I took Ballet lessons from her. I went to see the famous Melaka Zoo with my cousins. We went to the beach almost every day. We stayed up late watching TV and playing card games. I wished my holiday would never end! A. I wished my holiday would never end!B. I had a wonderful holiday this year.C. My aunt is a Ballet instructorD. I went to see the famous Melaka Zoo with my cousins. (Fill in the blanks with since or for) I have been waiting 4 o'clock.Sue has only been waiting 20 minutes. Tim and Tina have been learning English six years. Fred and Frida have been learning French 1998. Joe and Josephine have been going out together Valentine's Day. I haven't been on holiday last July. Mary has been saving her money many years. I haven't eaten anything breakfast. You have been watching TV hours. We have been living here 2 months. someone / anyoneFill in the correct word (someone or anyone).I know who is 100 years old. There is at the door. Did call? There wasn't at home. I think there is in the bushes. I won't tell about your secret. I didn't know the way, so I had to ask . Has seen my keys? I would not give my bike to . This jacket does not belong to of us.

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