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I am a new teacher in the school named Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datuk Bendahara. This school is situated in Jasin, Melaka.
I am accepted to be one of the Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST) here. There are 10 of us, my batch joined the schools in 27th June 2011.
In this blog, I share with you my experience and great things that are happening to me in the school.
There are also notes and things for good English class usages, so feel free to browse them whenever there are gaps between classes.
My mentor here is Hajjah Zaorah and she has been guiding me to be a better English teacher.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pemadam Talk 2 KRISM

...from The Society Against Drug Abuse Malaysia PEMADAM has been conducted at Hall 1 and 2. The program was a collaboration between PEMADAM Melaka and Kolej RISDA Melaka. Prolific speakers who conducted the talk were the Dato Sharifah Mordiah bt Tengku Ahmad Fauzi as the Deputy Director of PEMADAM, Hassan bin Othman, the Secretary General of PEMADAM Perlis and Mr Khurdi bin Mohd Yuns as the Secretary General of PEMADAM Negeri Sembilan. The primary objective of the talk was to educate the community on the harms of drug abuse by using three methods, prevention, education and explanation. Other than that, PEMADAM has taken an initiative by working together with government and non- government organisations and RISDA college to curb drug abuse and expose the public to the harms of drug abuse.
In this programme, PEMADAM gave ideas and ways to the students for a drug-free college, and they had emphasised discipline, honour and academic excellence are key elements for a student’s life to be complete. This lecture was attended by 300 students and they promise to have a drug-free college forever.
5s Briefing
A briefing to implement 5s was carried out at Dewan Tuah KRISM on Friday 14th January 2011. The briefing’s objective was to to expose KRISM staff to the right method to carry out 5s in college offices. The briefing was conducted by quality assurance officer of Alor Gajah City Council, Miss Norhafizah bt Baserin. This is a good office practise that states the 5 elements as the main objective that are Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke.

The Best Approach to Teach
A course to improve teaching method named as Pengajaran Secara Efektif; Kod Etika dan Etiket Pengajaran, was conducted on 7th to 8th January 2011 at Kem Permata Resort, Jalan Air Tanai, Ayer Paabas Melaka. A few excellent speakers were invited to conduct the program’s moduls and sessions. Among the objectives of this programme was to expose lecturers to the pegagogy and andragogy that are suitable to be applied in KRISM classes. Lecturers also share their experience in teaching students in KRISM . The programme strengthened the bond between junior and senior lecturers. The modules prepared were suitable and precise in giving ideas towards more effective teaching methods. After the sessions, all groups were required to devise the best teaching plan and present it. The session to find three excellent lecturers was aimed to see how lecturers cooperate to present the best teaching plan for the subject they are teaching. The winners for the contest were celebrated during the closing ceremony that was officiated by KRISM director, Mr Zulkifli bin Mohamad. It is hoped that there will be another program to ensure a continuous supply of excellent lecturers to improve the performance of KRISM.

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