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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Student's life in MRSM TGB

I’m just expreswsin my opinions..
I write here because I want the school management to take heed of what the students are experiencing. I want the students to get equal opportunities that other students have been getting. There is a group of students underlooked, or overseen by us the authorities. These students have been the victims of tight schedules that we are always being hunted everyday. These students deserve the offer, the opportunity that others get, sometimes people are selected because of some unwritten rules, perhaps they are more outstanding than others, anything that would catch the teacher’s attention. Perhaps we should call every students that’s at least interested to become participants of a tournament, and have them go for auditions, to search for the best talents for the school’s team. I urge the school not to handpick students for the schools team , just because he or she happens to reside in the teacher-in-charge’s class. When time is the factor, this always happens, and i am sure there are better selections, better students out there that is capable enough to represent the school, but unfortunately, by some circumstances, they are not selected. 
I urge the school to stop punishing the majority for the minority’s faults, as this create disturbance for everybody. It is not actually the majority’s fault, and they should be left alone. Bandwagonning every students are treat them like prisoners is not one of the school’s criteria . they are our customers for crying out loud, and they should be given fair justice.
I urge the school too to stop conflicts and prejudical unrest that is happening among us. If the seniors still continue to backbite between themselves, then everyday there will be victims of our actions. We are so proud of our stance, that we seldom take heed of the effects of our grudges to the students. What is decided in the meeting room will decide what actions we will take for the students, but when there is disharmony, then it would be the best decisions that will put on the minutes of the meeting when the day ends. I urge the seniors to just let go of any differences between them, and let’s start to see what are others are seeing. The juniors need not see or learn this, they come out from universities only to see seniors killing each other, and that is not a good example to follow. Just let go of the ego and let’s begin to see eye to eye, its the colour of the eye that we do not see  and it shows the colour of the soul.
Let’s start talking and do away with post its, letters and lines on the white board. Lets communicate better and take heed of feedbacks.

We were students back then and some of us have experienced life in boarding schools, only a few of us had experienced life in mjsc schools. The students ‘s life are pretty miserable, especially the form four students. They just cannot forget their previous schools and adapt themselves here. They count the days when they can return home, and when they got back here, they start counting again. they need the guidance not scolds during row calls in the morning, as it does not work on them that much. They want their lives back, and still there are form five students who are beginning to accept the reality that life here , they need to be strong inside first, and that is a difficult thing to achieve, because they only have their hr advisors to hang on to.


  1. Ermm, send this directly to the school board perhaps .. I mean rather than posting this on the internet. I believe the people of this school would prefer that. Just saying :-)

  2. yea, but this is for my blogs haha .tq for reading !