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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Proposal for English Bulletin Board

Proposal for English Bulletin Board
There is a need for students to have an English bulletin board that is maintained by students, so they would be kept abreast with information regarding English. This board aims to be the medium for students who are capable of enriching their skills in English, so they have an aim to achieve in English-based programmes.
The bulletin board aims to inform the students of the latest news regarding the school’s tests. The board also becomes the medium for teachers to share examination tips and English-based articles, how to answer question. This board also has news taken from English newspapers such as the Star and New Straits Times. The teacher in charge updates the information needed to be shown every two weeks. The teacher is assisted by the members of the English Language Society.

The activities that will be held are essay writing competition. The teacher will organise the competition for lower and upper secondary level. This board also will portray students’ essays taken from examinations, so it will be an example for the students.

Every two weeks, an announcement will be made by the ELS members, informing the school about the latest development of the board. Since the board will be pasted with interesting news such as football, movie reviews, entertainment and pictures related to their lives. It will be relevant to them as well.

Useful current information are such as additional classes/ tutorials and messages from the guru panitia and students’ achievements.

Tea-break activity for class 1A,2A and 2B.
Newspaper use in school increases students' awareness about the world and their communities, and has a positive effect on student attitudes toward fellow students, school, subject, community, and family.
Students taught with the newspaper as a text in language arts classes improved in vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and writing performance over those taught with traditional materials. This pilot project acts to make students have fun while learning English. This activity is done during the class recess time.
The teacher in charge of the programme will execute a fifteen minute activity during the tea-break. Since the activity will be done during fasting month, students will have free time during recess and move to the activity location nearby.
The rationale why only a class is selected is because the activity is created for a 30 student class, and more attention will be put forth by the teacher in charge, if the crowd is more than 30 students, it is going to take more than 5 minutes for class control and the target is difficult to be achieved. Since microphones are not used, then, the teacher’s voice will be inaudible for a session involving more than 30 students.


3 huts and 3 round tables outside the new building


1A-Thursday 4th August 2011
2A Tuesday 9th August 2011-07-19 3A Friday 12th August 2011-07-19
Inculcate the spirit of learning English the fun way
Learning English using available English newspapers
Expose students to the latest news by inculcating the news into  learning activity.
Encourage students to write based on newspaper comprehension

  • PIBG
  • Private companies


Forming words with alphabets
Building vocabulary by learning from peers and the newspaper.
Building kinaesthetic skill
Topic and objectives
Level of Difficulty
Forming words
Tuesday, 9th August 2011
Forming words
Thursday, 11th August 2011
Information Transfer
Tuesday 16th August 2011

They have quick response when they receive instructions from teachers and they do what is required to complete the task.
 They are also able to coin vocabulary that they seldom use in class. They are also able to skim and scan for information quickly and correctly.


  1. They choose a vowel or a consonant from the newspaper.
  2. The letter is pasted to their arm.
  3. They construct words as many as they can and show the word to the teacher as many as they can in 5 minutes time.
  4. The teacher records the words and the person with the most words constructed gets a prize.

  1. Transfer linear information to non linear information such as tables and graphs.
  2. Improving reading skills

  1. The participants are given 5 questions in the form of a table.
  2. They find the answers from the newspaper and they are to cut out the answers and paste them on the table provided.
  3. The winner will be evaluated based on speed, which means the fastest group, accuracy which means getting the most correct answer and neatness, which means their work is clean and presentable. They will get prizes.

  1. Stationeries, such as pencils, pens pencil stand worth RM 3 for each participant.
  2. Teenage accessories such as hand phone ornaments worth RM 3 each.


Improving skimming and scanning skills

The participants answer five questions related to Literature component learnt from their syllabus by finding the answers in the newspapers.


  1. The participants are given a copy of The Star newspaper and 5 questions.
  2. They find the answers from the newspaper, cut the answers out and paste them onto mah-jong paper.
  3. They paste their mah-jong paper onto the wall and teacher evaluates.
  4. The winner is selected.

It is hoped the activities conducted will reach the objectives that is to improve the participants’ skill in English.  This pilot project will become an example for the school to utilise newspaper as teaching aids

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