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Saturday, December 18, 2010



Date: 19th May 2009
Venue: Bitara Meeting Room
Time: 8.30 am-12.30 am
Absentees: Miss Akma (MC) and Miss Azreen (with permission)


1.1   Miss Rose proposed the passing of the minutes and seconded by Miss Norfadzli.


2.1 Reading Programme
2.1.1 Standard reading programme files will be provided for teachers. Students’ names in the reading programme files must be arranged in an alphabetical order to ease information search. 12 files would be requested from the store by the Reading Programme coordinator.

2.2 Ujian Lisan Berasaskan Sekolah
2.2.1 The original copy of the ULBS profile form and its evidence should be forwarded to UPPM for students transferred to other colleges, so that UPPM could send them. Copies should be kept by the teacher for record purposes. Candidate’s name should be written on the evidence.

2.2.2 Evidences will be shown to the Pentaksir Sekolah and Kawasan. The Pentaksir Kawasan has been using a new ULBS format, different from what our college has been using.

2.3 Drama Team
2.3.1 Training will commence in semester 2 for the preparation of National Level Language Week. The script is updated before school break so that the actors and actresses could memorize it during the break.

2.4 English Getaway Project 2010.
2.4.1 Teachers need to inform participants on the tentative programme, especially the ice-breaking session on 17th June 2009. The coordinators are to check the date, whether there will be any programme on that day. The Unit suggests the Head of Department find out when the Kelab Minat activities will commence for form four students. Miss Durra, Miss Sharizah and Miss Zakiah will attend the ice-breaking session, if it is carried out during the day. Mr Hasbi, Miss Iri, Miss Azreen and Miss Haziah (as backup) will attend the night session, if it is carried out at night.

2.5 English Camp And Seminar Dates.

Teachers in Charge
26th June 2009
Ice-Breaking Session
All teachers
27th June 2009
English Camp
Zie and Iri
15th August 2009
Form 5 General English Seminar
Zie, Durr, Molly and Hasbi
15th August 2009
EST Seminar
Miss Zakiah, Rose and Ida

2.6 ICAS
2.6.1 Students’ registration for and coordinating of the ICAS examination are currently taken over by Miss Azreen.


3.1                      3.1 GAP programme for Malaysia will be terminated effective next year as there are many restrictions in schools.

3.2 Colleges wanting to purchase books for Reading Programme will have to submit a working paper and list of books requesting a budget maximum of RM 10,000 from BPLM.

3.3 English Refresher Course will be conducted for teachers less than two years in service

3.4 There will be a meeting on 22nd-26th June 2009 to work on the English Grammar Handbook which will be used by colleges.

3.5 The colleges which want to use the RM 2,000 grant for any English programme will have to submit a working paper to BPLM at least 2 months prior to the programme. The objectives must meet the SEEDS programme’s aims.

3.6 Teachers are expected to use the 6th version of the Lesson Plan computer programme despite problems arising. The learning objectives and the reading materials must be measurable and grammatically correct respectively.

3.7 Form five literature textbooks will be available in colleges starting year 2010, however, teachers are expected to use original materials and do not depend on textbooks only.

3.8  EST subject offered to students is subjected to the Principal’s approval.

3.9  Kursus Pemantapan Kurikulum will be held from 26th-30th October 2009 at Gold Coast Hotel, Morib, Selangor. There will be a Drama workshop included in the course. A drama team coordinator will be chosen to attend the workshop.

3.10         Listening test in the English Proficiency test will be excluded starting from 2010. The test for the current Form 5 will still include all 5 sections, which are Listening, Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

3.11         There is a surplus of EST teachers in many colleges, including TGB MJSC.

3.12 English Proficiency Course will be conducted for new teachers who are less proficient.


4.1  Distribution of Tasks

4.1.1Miss Akma, after her maternity leave, will take over the form 4 coordinator task from Miss Zie.

4.1.2 Miss Ida will take over Miss Zack’s EST classes.

4.1  Question Preparation

4.1.1 Teachers are reminded to produce quality and grammatically correct questions. Before submitting, teachers are to ensure the questions meet the standard of SPM format. Original references from any kind of materials, such as the Internet, books, magazines etc., should be provided. Both English and EST questions should be thought-provoking and challenging.

4.2 Teacher Ethics

4.2.1Surprise observations during class hour will be conducted to curb problems of teachers not attending to their classes. Teachers should inform the KJ or GK if he/she is on leave. Teachers are expected to be on time especially for first periods, and not wait until the roll call ends.

4.3 Standardised Marking

4.3.1 Meetings to coordinate marking for form five and four exams will be held at the English Unit at 8.30 am on 22nd and 28th May respectively.

4.4 Teaching And Learning
4.4.1 Learning objectives in the lesson plan must be measurable and achievable.

4.5 Work For Star Period
4.5.1 Students not involved for consultation will be given work during STAR period. Materials on vocabulary and grammar will be given fortnightly.

4.6 New Set Of Workbook / Module
4.6.1 Form 4 and Form 5 coordinators are required to prepare a new set of module/workbook taken from past years questions (2006 – 2008) for students’ exercises.

4.7 Students E-Group
4.7.1 Miss Ida, Miss Zie and Miss Iri and Miss Lyn are the teachers-in-charge for the students e-group website and it will be launched in 2011. New ideas and innovations are expected to enrich the students’ activities.

4.8 English Getaway Project
4.8.1 All teachers need to work early for English Getaway project 2010, especially for sponsorship. Letters, terms and conditions of the English Getaway project 2010 for the participants will be prepared by Miss Sha.

4.8.2 Campers will raise their own funds so that they need not have to pay for the project. Teachers involved to supervise the 8 English Camp groups are Miss Durra, Miss Zakiah, Miss Ida/Lyn, Miss Molly, Miss Reen, Miss Rose, Mr Hasbi, Miss Zie and Miss Iri.

4.8.3 List of committee and the tasks

1. Registration
Miss Sha and Miss Akma
2. Accommodation and Food
Miss Rose and Miss Ida
3. Logistics
Miss Molly
4. Sponsorship (Corporate sponsors and Suppliers)
Mr Hasbi and Miss Zie
5. T-Shirt
Miss Zack and Miss Molly
6. Transportation
Miss Azreen
7. Activities and Prizes
Miss Iri and Miss Reen
8. Certificates (pre and Post)
Miss Ida
9. Working paper and letters to sponsors
Miss Durra,  Miss Zack


5.1 Teachers need to take the Reading Village duty seriously and be in the RV according to the schedule.

5.2 Do not entertain students who return the reading programme book to RV. Teachers are to be at RV when students come to take/return the RP boxes. The reading programme boxes should always be checked by all teachers assigned.

5.3 Form four teachers are advised to bring their students to RV to expose them to the room.

5.4 The ELS activities should include the Toastmaster’s club activities.

5.5 The Mag Inc templates and information should be delivered to students by teachers. Students are to pay for the templates they received.

5.6 The Star newspaper coordinator is to ensure the newspapers are delivered safely to the classes’ pigeon holes.

5.7 Miss Zie informed RV books can be borrowed by teachers.

5.8 The first RV anniversary will be celebrated at a later date. Teachers can be invited to expose them to the board games and take part in other activities.

5.9 The English Unit agreed to give tokens of appreciation to EMC committee 08/09.

5.10 9 students have registered as the ELS members.

5.11 Miss Molly thanked all teachers for the cooperation received when she was the Head of Department.

Meeting was adjourned at 12.30 p.m.

Prepared by,

Verified by,

Secretary, English Unit.
Senior Teacher, English Unit.

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