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Saturday, December 18, 2010

4th ENGLISH UNIT MEETING 2009 (sample)


Date: 16th November 2009
Venue: Bitara Meeting Room
Time: 9.10 am-12.15 pm


1.1  Miss Noor Haziah proposed the passing of the minutes and seconded by Miss Zakiah


2.1 Reading Programme
2.1.1 The Coordinator reminds teachers to return the boxes to RV as soon as possible after every borrowing and returning.
2.1.2 The Coordinator is to make arrangement with Koperasi first before asking parents to pay fines by cheque, postal or money order.
2.1.3 If they lost a book once, they lost one cycle of borrowing. If they lost a book twice, they will be barred from borrowing Reading Programme books.
2.1.4 Teachers have to pay for the fines if students fail to make any payments after 16th October November 2009. The ruling applies to third borrowing onwards.
2.1.5 The Coordinator is to include the rules and regulations in the Reading Programme files, boxes and the Unit.
 2.1.6 Students are to sign an agreement that they will return the book on time. The agreement will be included in the Reading Programme files.

2.2 Ujian Lisan Berasaskan Sekolah
Teachers are to complete the ULBS forms and ensure students sign the forms after each session.

2.3 English Seminar
It is suggested to invite Mr Amin Din for the English Seminar in 2010 and make early arrangement with him orally.


3.1 Activities for Activity Week
The activities to be held during the Activity Week were cancelled.

3.2 Form Four Literature Musical
3.2.1 The Literature Musical competition will be carried out in 2010.
The Form Four coordinator will choose a suitable date during the activity week for the final round of the Literature Musical. Inter-class competition will be carried out during English periods.

3.3 English Getaway 2010.
3.3.1 Students for the English Getaway 2010 will be shortlisted.
The English Getaway 2010 will be carried out on Saturday and Sunday, 6th to7th February 2010. The theme for the project is Back to Nature.
The Sponsorship Committee will send a letter to ANSARA requesting for sponsorship. Teachers are to be proactive to meet their groups.
The deadline for teachers to submit 2 songs to the Head of Department is 20th November 2009.

3.4 Status for 2010 Project
The teachers-in-charge are to start working on the website and blog.
It is suggested to get assistance from students who are proficient in websites and blogging.

3.5 Revision Material for The Pearl Novel.
The deadline to submit questions is January 2010.

3.6 Reading Programme 2009
3.6.1 The Coordinator will purchase books for the Reading Programme during the school holiday.
The Reading Programme aims to have 18 boxes of books.
3.6.2 The Coordinator is suggested to submit a working paper to MUAFAKAT and Bahagian Pendidikan dan Latihan (Menengah) to request for book purchase sponsorship early year 2010.
3.6.3 There are 10 students who have lost a book each.

3.7 Reading Village
3.7.1 Old books will be sold in a yard sale.
3.7.2 A DVD player and a TV set will be placed in the RV. The Coordinator will request from the school for telephone line, internet and sockets in the RV.Teachers need to be aware of their schedule and arrange for replacements if they cannot be on duty. They are to write reflections after finishing a session.Students are given until 12th November 2009 to return their books to the RV.
A drop box will be made available to ease returning of RV books.
3.8 Participation in Competitions
3.8.1 Teachers need to encourage students to participate in national, district or state-level English language competitions.
The NiE coordinator will inform the Unit if there are English Language competitions for students.

3.9 Standardised Coursework
3.9.1 Teachers conducting inter-class blogging need to monitor the students’ language use.
Journals, essays and literature assignments are the first priorities.
Students’ journals need to be commented on and foul language in journals will not be marked.

3.10 International Conference for English Language Teaching 2009
Miss Molly, Miss Durratul Ain, Miss Idamadiha, Miss Rosmurni and Mr Hasbi attended the ICELT 2009 at Hotel Equatorial Melaka on 10th to 11th November 2009.

3.11 Drama Workshop
There is still no news regarding the Drama Workshop.

3.12 English for Science and Technology as 10th Subject
English for Science and Technology subject will not be offered effective 2010, however the 2010 Form Five students will continue learning EST.


4.1 The Head of Department thanks all teachers for their hard work in carrying out all duties in 2009.
4.2 The ELS advisor enquires whether ELS members should pay 50 cents for the t-shirt designing competition entrance fee.
4.3 Teachers are to encourage their groups to generate money for the English Getaway 2010 and remind them before the school holiday.
4.4 The Reading Programme coordinator will paste the list of teachers who have to pay for the reading programme fines on the Unit Bulletin Board.
4.5 The Reading programme coordinator suggests briefing the Form Four students during orientation week regarding the programme.

Meeting was adjourned at 12.15 pm

Prepared by,

Verified by,

Secretary, English Unit.
Senior Teacher, English Unit.

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