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I am a new teacher in the school named Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datuk Bendahara. This school is situated in Jasin, Melaka.
I am accepted to be one of the Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST) here. There are 10 of us, my batch joined the schools in 27th June 2011.
In this blog, I share with you my experience and great things that are happening to me in the school.
There are also notes and things for good English class usages, so feel free to browse them whenever there are gaps between classes.
My mentor here is Hajjah Zaorah and she has been guiding me to be a better English teacher.
Thank you !
In this blog, I have uploaded
Literature lesson plans for form 4 and 5
working papers, reports after programmes, yearly uniform body reports, weekly reports, sponsorship letters, sample of memos and thank you notes, short stories and others.

Happy teaching, teachers !
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

7 ways to make a great speech!

1.      A good start is to jot down bullet points of what you want to cover. Take a week for this, and keep a notebook on your nighttable.
2.      Find a good flow between the bullet points, you need some kind of structure so people can follow (ex for a wedding speech : start with your friendship, then talk about the relation between your friend & his wife, and finish off with some wishes to the couple)
3.      Andecdotes : the audience does not want to feel excluded : make sure anecdotes can be understood by everyone in the room
4.      Find some quotes that summarise or colour your text. Google some words/characteristics that you want to illustrate and you'll find plenty of intelligent well-written lines.
5.      Use CTRL F7 in word to find synonymes if you repeat the same words too much
6.      Read it aloud a few times : it needs to flow in your mouth (Use exercices of style to make it flow better, like alliterations (words starting with the same letter) or use of adjectives per groups of 3...
7.      Make it short and crisp : Maximum 7 minutes

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