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Saturday, December 18, 2010



Date: 16th July 2009
Venue: Bitara Meeting Room
Time: 8.50 am-10.10 am
Absentees: Miss Akma Azlin (On Leave) and Miss Rosmurni (On Leave)


1.1  Miss Idamadiha proposed the passing of the minutes and seconded by Miss Norfadzli.


2.1 Reading Programme
2.1.1 12 students and one student have yet to return the books for borrowing 1 and 2 respectively. 15 Form Five students have yet to pay the fines.
2.1.2 Teachers are to be more proactive in retrieving the books from the students who have not returned the books. If the teachers are at fault, they will be fined as well.
Teachers have to make arrangement for students to return their RP books.
2.1.3 Students who have lost a book will not be allowed from borrowing any RP book and be issued fines. Their coursework marks will be deducted as well. These students will have to borrow a book from the library for the reading programme. Letters will be sent to their parents.

2.2 Ujian Lisan Berasaskan Sekolah
Form Five teachers are to key in their students’ ULBS Markah Induk by 31st July 2009. Form Four teachers are to carry out the second ULBS Assessment before 30th September 2009. Questions asked are to be based on what the students have presented. Regarding the ULBS forms of Form Four students who have just transferred to TGB MJSC , the Head of Department have requested the forms to be sent to TGB MJSC.

2.3 Drama Team 2009
Only 2 or 3 students out of 15 drama team members were committed. The team received comments from the team advisor and teachers from other colleges during the Dramafest at Kuala Berang MJSC.
TGB MJSC won the second place in the Dramafest.

2.4 English Seminar
The Form Five English coordinator will select the speaker for the English Seminar scheduled on 15th August 2009.
Miss Zakiah, Miss Noor Haziah, Miss Idamadiha, Miss Durratul Ain and Mr Hasbi will attend the English Seminar.

2.5 Form Four English Camp
Overall, the attendance for Form Four English Camp was good.
However, the Form Five coordinator informed 20 students did not turn up for the second meeting as they claimed they were not aware of the date of that particular meeting.
Form Four teachers are to remind their campers it is compulsory to attend the English camp meetings.

2.6 ICAS
There will be 20 Form Four and 5 Form Five students sitting for the ICAS examination on 21st July 2009.
The exam papers arrived on the 14th July, and the ICAS officers will not be invigilating the ICAS exam.


3.1 English for Science and Technology as 10th Subject
English for Science and Technology subject will not be offered if the number of students is less than 15.
The Head of Department will propose the issue to the Senate.

3.2 The English Teacher’s Convention
The English Teacher’s Convention is cancelled.


4.1  Distribution of Tasks
Miss Akma Azlin will resume the task from Miss Sharizah and Miss Ida will teach Miss Zakiah’s EST class.

4.2  Pretrial Examination Questions
All teachers are to submit their pretrial examination questions by the end of July. The Form Five coordinator would request the English Pretrial paper to be conducted earlier. The UPPM is requested to speak to the Principal about the English Pretrial’s schedule.

4.3  Surprise Observation
Surprise observations will be conducted from time to time.

4.4 Form Five Star Period
Students who are not involved in consultation are to be given work during Star period. Materials on vocabulary and grammar are to be given fortnightly.

4.5 New Set Of Workbook / Module
The Form Five coordinator is to prepare work for Form Five students and they will be placed in the pigeon holes.
4.6 Activities for Activity Week
The activities to be held during the Activity Week will be decided by the Form Four and Five coordinators. Both Form Four and Five activities are to be held at the Dewan Bendahara only
The English Motivational Committee cannot request the budget for prizes from the Badan Wakil Pelajar as the EMC is no longer under the body
4.7 Form Four Literature Musical
The Literature Musical competition will be carried out after the Activity Week. The Form Four coordinator will find a suitable date for the final round Form Four Literature Musical.
Teachers should have the Rules and Regulations for the presentation.
Form four students are to make use of the slot during the Activity Week to prepare for their presentation for the Literature Musical.

4.8 Form Five Activities
The English Fun Day will be organized by the Form five coordinators in semester 2 2009.

4.9 English Getaway Project 2010
The dates for the English Getaway Project 2010 are 6th and 7th February 2010.
Teachers are to meet their groups as soon as possible to work on their project.
Miss Rosmurni will be in charge of sponsorship and Miss Noor Haziah will be in charge of accommodation.


5.1 The air conditioner at the RV will be fixed by Intra Maju technician

5.2 The RV is not be opened during Form Four and 5 Star period as the slots are filled with Science and Math subject meeting.

5.3 The English Language Society had its first meeting to select its new members.

5.4 Notices to be put up are to be grammatically correct and letters given out are to be edited by the Head of Department or the Senior Teacher.

5.5 Only proper and polite language is to be used for English Corner White Board.

Meeting was adjourned at 10.10 am.
Prepared by,

Verified by,

Secretary, English Unit.
Senior Teacher, English Unit.

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