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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mr Nice Guy, a short story

Mr Nice Guy
I came as soon as you called me, I said. I was a senior officer in Jasin police department, been involved in murder cases, because could not stand desk work. “Hanif, what do we have?”
“A practicing doctor in a private clinic, age 30, found unconscious in this car, the engines were running and you can see the hose was directed inside the car. We turned off the engine when we came in here. The whole place smells like a kitchen full of fries.”
Great, an attempted murder. At least nobody died.  My hands are already full with 2 abortion cases, teenage girls , presumably minah rempits, pregnant and aborted babies. The boyfriends left for KL, and they were shooed away from their parent’s house.
“Hashim, the victim is believed to be left unconscious for 2 hours.”
“ Take a look at the sticker here, it says “runs on biofuel’, it means the biofuel gases takes a longer time to doze someone off, say about 60 minutes for adults”.
The CSI found thumbprints, and the suspect was caught while trying to run away in a pickup truck. The guy was currently at the police station. You want to lynch him for information? He would be charged with attempted murder.
Not now.
The place was hot as oven, and there were nothing inside the abandoned sawmill. Moments later the CSI guys swarmed the sawmill. They wore all overs, so as to prevent their own sweat, hair or anything to be left in the crime scene. Photographs were taken by police photographers, like paparazzi for evidences, the KKSU vans are already outside breaking news. Who informed the media anyway? There must be someone who leaked the info to them.
Ok, let’s get back to the office and gather some evidences.
“Hanif, can you type out the suspect’s name, Samad, see if we got anything on this guy. Let me get you coffee from the stall outside, okay ?. I’ll be back”
I always went out for a drink when things were starting to get tough. After all I’ll be working late at night again. It was normal days for me.
“I want the coffee black and strong”
Yes, it has to be black, as black as the case it is, we started in the dark, and to put the jigsaw pieces together would take lots of people and intelligences, that could only be provided by strong, black coffee.

“Tough day, Hashim?”the makcik asked while fishing out crispy banana fritters out into the plastic bag.
“A little, I have a new case today”
“Perhaps be working late until the wee hours”
Don’t worry, the stall’s open till 2 o clock in the morning.
“Can those cooking oil be reused, makcik ?” I just popped the question
“No, I just throw them away after 3 times of frying, be bad for health”,why, do you want it? “she asked me back.
“No, just a crazy idea of biofuels I read about ”
Samad. Ok, lots of Samads here, let me specify it by matching with the photo. Here it is. The suspect has a clean profile, works as a butcher in the wet market, loves the family members, lives with wife and 2 kids down in Jasin. He was never involved in any crimes before, fond of reading, likes literature especially science fiction. Had traffic summonses before, but paid on time and in full amount. That’s pretty interesting; perhaps he gets some ideas on murdering people from what he reads. I think he has never gotten into trouble or crisis in life before. He was an agreeable person, who prefers to love people more than he loves himself, an introvert, the kind of people you would want for workers.
The profiling was difficult.
3 days later, the autopsy report arrived.
The autopsy report shows a severe damage to the back of the neck, and the lungs were full of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. The fuel did have a little amount of carb. It was then learnt the victim was left for 2 hours, to get the amount of carbons in his lungs. There were also bruises on the head, it was knocked by something hard. The CSI believed it to be inside the pickup, but they did not find anything useful, they did found blood on the car’s mat, and the mat was soaked with water. It was cold, as if somebody had poured cold water over it.
The suspect was believed to have knocked the victim, before dragging it into the car to suffocate him, turned on the engine, kept the windows up shut. He was a free person, only that he watched the victim coughed from outside, sipped tea, before decided to leave calmly, as not to arouse suspicion from people outside. We received a call from somebody telling the suspect and the young doctor drove into the abandoned warehouse, asking what they were doing there.
The victim was a doctor, now opens a clinic, helps people and has never hurt a fly, but why does people wanted to hurt him? He was a practicing doctor, after he graduated, in a hospital, was sacked out from the centre. The hospital suspected him to do folly. The record shows he was suspected to have overdosed a dying old patient with a medicine, and pulled out the life support machine. Could not have the heart to let the old man suffer anymore, he claimed.
The doctor was freed afterwards, on bail because there was not much proof they could get their hands into, but the hospital stopped his service so as not to take any chances.
It turned out the old man was the suspect’s father, who was hospitalized because of a chronic bone cancer. It happened like 10 years ago, when everybody had forgotten, the son took the law on his hands. It looked like it was revenge more than a lawful punishment.
There are persons timid enough you’d think he never hurt anything including the fly, but there is the balloon theory. Your balloon inside could store air as much and when it can not take it anymore, it would blow up. But the crime scene does not show it was an amok, it was like a silent killing.
“Okay, let’s gather more information and we’ll be able to present his case in a month to the judge. If only we can find the weapon, it would be easy” he said while sipping the black coffee.
Hasbi bin Mohamed Arifin
Language Department,
Maktab Rendah Sains Mara
Jalan Sempang Kerayong
77000 Jasin Melaka

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